What is a Perma-Curb?

Machine made and installed Perma-Curbs eliminate costly form building, tedious concrete pouring and extended curing time. With Perma-Curbs, the curbing can be placed and ready for use within 3 days. Perma-Curbs can be used any place that there is adequate asphalt or concrete foundation. The curbing can be installed straight or curved and is permanently bonded. Perma-Curbs is the answer to modern and efficient curbing.


The work consists of machine extruding one of the many shapes and dimensions to suit client requirements.


Perma-Curbs concrete have a minimum strength of 3500 PSI in 28 days. Curbs shall have a dense uniform texture using a one inch slump mix design.


Pavement shall be clean of dirt and debris prior to placement to ensure proper bond.


Perma-Curbs shall be placed on a bituminous asphalt emulsion or epoxy to asphalt or concrete surfaces for adhesion. Perma-Curbs shall be straight and level with no irregularities. Cold joints shall be installed every 15 ft. Weep holes to be installed at the discretion of the architect or to suit local conditions.


Perma-Curbs shall be sprayed with a liquid membrane curing compound within 30 minutes of installation.


Perma-Curbs shall be measured by the linear foot. Payment will be based on the amount of curb extruded. All work shall be performed in accordance with good construction practice.


All work performed by Schneider Perma-Curbs, Inc. comes with a full, one year guarantee. This guarantee covers both materials and workmanship. If for any reason, the job we perform for you is substandard, or fails, we will come back and fix it. At no charge. We believe in quality workmanship and believe you should not accept anything less.